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XUS Launcher Professional Edition

XUS Launcher is a powerful launcher for your Windows system. XUS Desktop offers a new, easy, fast & flexible
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18 January 2015

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We generally copy most files on our desk top so that we can get access to them easily. Further, as more and more shortcuts of applications keeps piling up on the desktop as you install more programs in your system. As the desktop of your PC is filled with icons it looks really disorganized and scrambled. So ho help you out in have a more organized and elegant looking desktop try the latest XUS Launcher Professional Edition 2.0.87. It is two in one program that not only makes the icons on the desktop arranged in organized format but also aids in launching the programs in a quick way. So, all the frequently used programs on your windows system, this professional XUS Launcher will provide a flexible and fast platform to launch them.

XUS Launcher allows a rapid accessing to all Windows accessories and Windows system directories. With this launching program you will be able to set icons either for a single application of for entire group of application. With this program installed in your system it promises to make your desktop look really beautiful and offers a very fast means to launch all different applications. In case a lot of windows are opened in your system, just clicking the button ALT and SPACE, the XUS Launcher will appear on the top. With very less effort you will be able to organize all the desktop icons in every possible way making it really organized. Installation and execution of this utility is very simple and easy.

Hence if you are bored of your plain desktop or tired looking at scrambled icons on your desktop use this tool and view a dynamic way of your desktop working. For such a fine utility the tool provides we rate the product with three and half stars on five.

Publisher's description

No more clutter on your laptop/PC desktop! With XUS Launcher you can easily organize all your desktop shortcut icons. Finally your desktop will look beautifully organized like it has never been before. XUS Launcher is extremely easy to use and while it is very thrifty on resources it permits (beside some handy power functions) the quickest access to any location on your system and launching multiple programs is now a breeze. Download here a fully functional trial version which can be evaluated for 30 runs. Should you decide to buy a license at the end of the trial period, there will be no need to uninstall as an registration code will be immediately emailed to you upon completing a secure and quick online purchase transaction. The launcher is very flexible and it can be configured/customized to suit your needs in a couple of minutes only. Once you have tried XUS Launcher, you'll no longer want to be without it!
XUS Launcher Professional Edition
XUS Launcher Professional Edition
Version 2.5
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